We are award winners for collaborative work in Masters and Work Based Learning programmes

For many years now we’ve bridged the gap between Higher Education academic learning and business related accelerated learning.

We specialise in designing themed, immersive experiences such as simulations, team challenges and assessed elements of learning involving team projects.

As an example, our relationship with Newcastle Business School has seen us design and deliver residential learning programmes to circa. 500 Post-Graduate students annually.

Typically, we;

  • design the programme in partnership with the Business School
  • book and manage the residential the venue
  • transport the students (up to 100 per weekend) to and from the venue
  • provide the weekend accommodation
  • expose students to a unique learning process that complements their campus-based learning, but draws upon the experience of our 14 expert facilitators
Employability Programmes Graphic

Employability Programmes

We have over 15 years experience in designing recruitment assessment centres, as well as preparing candidates for assessment. We work with employers constantly so we know what they look for in a strong candidate.

It disappoints us greatly to see graduates and undergraduates turn up for assessment badly underprepared.

The Employability Programme delivers:

  • knowledge of the jobs market
  • practical ways to identify key skills and experience
  • a quality CV and covering letter
  • skills practice – a full assessment centre managed by experienced recruiters which can include psychometrics and personality profiling, competency based interview, role play, presentation and group exercise
  • feedback based upon an employers view of candidate performance
Induction Days Graphic

Induction Days

The move from College to University can be exciting but scary too. Our Induction days are designed to enable undergraduates:

  • Meet each other – perhaps for the first time
  • Have fun
  • Form new bonds through team building activities
  • Undertake activities that help them bridge the gap between Further Education and Higher Education
  • Gain an understanding of how to undertake self-directed learning
Away Days Graphic

Away Days

We take students out of their usual environment and away from their regular method of learning. We can expose them to experiential learning which is curriculum linked but delivered from a business perspective, delivered by business professionals.

Classroom Interventions Graphic

Classroom Interventions

Let’s be realistic, some students become bored easily. We can liven up your lecture by introducing bespoke experiential learning tasks designed to tie directly to the required key learning points, facilitated by staff who have worked with UK and international students for over 12 years.

Residential Weekends Graphic

Residential Weekends

Our successful partnership with Newcastle Business School has seen us deliver residential weekend learning to over 6000 students in the North East and London.

We can design, plan, manage and deliver the whole weekend for you, or tailor it to your specific needs. We can guarantee that the experiential learning approach we take will be challenging, fun and engaging and will complement students’ campus based learning.

Cultural Understanding Graphic

Cultural Understanding

We have a team of highly experienced facilitators who have delivered academic programs to diverse groups of students for over 12 years.

We are confident in identifying cultural and religious needs through impact and risk assessments of all of our programmes. Our attention to detail in this area extends to regular training sessions and briefings for our own staff and partner organisations such as the hotels and venues we work with.

Our facilitators understand that students work at differing pace – that language, culture learning styles or other factors can affect this. They have the experience to adapt delivery to the differing needs of each group, indeed each individual they work with.