Employee Ownership

Twelve Years and Counting

Our Employee Ownership Credentials:

  • We are employee owned
  • We are passionate about employee ownership: so much so that we offer free advice to any business considering employee ownership or already employee owned
  • With around 15 years experience we have a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges of employee ownership
  • We work with a range of employee owned business, large and small, throughout UK, advising those about to or already in transition to EO and supporting those already employee owned
  • Our Directors have senior level / Non-Executive and Director experience in EO businesses including Director of £160m Employee Benefits Trust
  • We are the Regional Co-ordinator of the 66 business that form the Employee Ownership Association’s Northern Region. Contact us for details of upcoming events

You’ll hear us speak regularly at the Employee Ownership Association’s Annual Conference….come along and meet us there http://www.employeeownership.co.uk/events/eoa-annual-conference


The Road to Employee Engagement